(WFRV) – They are Your Local Experts in Chiropractic Care, which includes overall body health.

As we head into a season that includes sniffles, and sneezing due to allergies, Doctors Julie and Skip Wyss stopped by Local 5 Live to discuss how allergies affect your health and how they can help through care including supplements.

Allergies impact a large portion of the population. According to Doctor Julie Wyss “There’s about 50 million people that struggle every year with it, 40% of those are kids”.

The goal at Wyss Family Clinic of Chiropractic is to get a head start on preventing these conditions and the significant spending that goes along with treating them. The annual estimated cost of allergies in the United States is $18 billion.

Whole-body care can make a big impact, starting with nutrition. One idea is to use local honey in your diet.

According to Doctor Julie “We really need to get something local because that’s where the bees are pollinating our food. It will help us to better handle the allergies within our system”.

Rather than an over-the-counter medication that potentially kills everything in our system, the honey will help build our body up, to respond in the best way to allergens.

Wyss Family Clinic of Chiropractic also offers a line of supplements, carrying their seal of approval.

Standard Process is a Wisconsin company where ingredients are grown on an organic farm. The supplements are made from whole food and cover a wide range of needs.

Chiropractic care can also be part of the equation. “The histamine response is your body basically taking something that shouldn’t foreign and perceiving it as foreign. We don’t promise cures to allergies, that is not what we do. We desensitize the body by bringing the brain back into full communication with the gut” explains Doctor Skip.

While outdoor allergies are a big culprit when you start to sneeze and sniff, indoor allergens can also be a trigger. Changing the filters on your furnace, getting good HEPA filters, and using a product like Triad Aer air purifier can all help.

According to Dr. Skip “The bottom line is that we shouldn’t be afraid of our environments… that’s where a few small steps for your body you’re going to see that change”.

Browse through supplements available and shop online on their website.

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