(WFRV) – It’s a cycle that many people are stuck in, stress triggers an increase in cortisol which can change the hormone levels in the body. So how to fix this naturally?

Doctors Skip and Julie Wyss from Wyss Family Clinic of Chiropractic spoke with Local 5 Live with some tips to work with the body to keep it functioning as it was designed to.

“Our analysis, is used on all our patients so even if you didn’t realize you were struggling with hormone issues, over time the body will destress and begin to regulate like it is meant to work.” They said.

They continued saying, “Remember we are never TREATING the hormones or cortisol levels. We are working with the body to run the program it was designed and programmed to do. We make sure the body is functioning like it is suppose to and the brain is communicating properly.”

Some points to keep in mind:

-80% of the work force is living in a highly stressed environment.

-Stress on the body increases Cortisol levels.

-With the increase in stress and cortisol it ultimately changes hormone levels in the body.

-these changes affect everyone but most importantly women.

With appropriate functional brain based chiropractic

– we address the stress patterns.

-are able to relive the cramps- no more missing school or work

-regulate hormones levels

-a cycle that is appropriate for each women

-and then if infertility was a concern, a viable pregnancy

For more advice and adjustments, visit Wyss Family Clinic of Chiropractic at 2031 S. Webster Avenue in Green Bay. Reach out with questions to 920-468-4199, online at wyssclinic.com.